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Class Winners Collector Vehicles offers a number of services for those interested in buying, selling, maintaining and authenticating classic cars. Call or text us at 360-358-5045, email or use the Contact Us form at the bottom to enquire for more details or to discuss any service.
  1. Research and Authentication
    Research and Authentication
    For third-party verification that a car is what a seller claims it is or for help establishing the provenance of a car in your stable to maximize value before selling, let our professional researchers prove its history, including that it's real and not a replica, clone or conversion. Class Winners' Research and Authentication service is not only a cost effective pre purchase protection tool for buyers, but also an important marketing resource for sellers. Contact Class Winners for more information using the form below for more information.
  2. Global Car Searching
    Global Car Searching
    Think a particular car is unobtainable? Class Winners leverages sources, contacts and leads from decades in collector car circles to track down, negotiate and ship cars ranging from low production foreign market (JDM, Euro-spec) 25+ year old cars to unique Brass Era relics and seven-figure hypercars. Use the Contact Form below and let us know what you're looking for.
  3. Pre Purchase Inspections
    Pre Purchase Inspections
    When buying from a private party or another dealer, an independent expert inspector conducting a pre purchase inspection can often be the key in avoiding buying a lemon. With decades of experience buying, selling, concours judging, authenticating and restoring/maintaining rare vehicles, Class Winners can provide a complete dossier on any potential purchase for a fraction of the cost of fixing a misrepresented car. Contact Class Winners at or use the form below for more information on Pre Purchase Inspection services and costs.

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